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" How horny is that then !? - I think I spider! "



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Gründung: 05.03.2009 17:30
Klicks: 9069 Klicks
Kategorie: Spaßgruppen
Mitglieder: 174
Gründer: off Chris_17(33)

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    Now once seriously:

    That goes away like Schmitz Cat !
    How it screams in the wood, so it rings out!
    Now we sit quiete beautiful in the Ink
    Free willy fire who [ die freiwillige Feuerwehr ]
    I understand only Train Station!
    Nothing for ungood!
    That makes me nobody so quickly after!
    That i don't laugh!
    Darned and sewn up!
    I laugh me broken!
    Hit down,or you catch a few!
    Our our my I is horse!
    My english is not the yellow from the egg....
    I shame me in ground and floor!
    I think my pig pipes!
    My english makes me so easy nobody after
    This is so arm...
    Sponge Over!
    Who not comes to the right time,must see what's left stays!!
    How good that no one knows, that i rumble-sticky called!
    That makes me foxdevilswild!
    Otherwise goes you still good, or?
    The early bird catch the worm!
    That goes on no cow skin!
    You come in devils kitchen!
    I am also not on the brand soup so swum
    Then you can look with the stovepipe in the mountains
    One goes yet one goes always
    You Foambeater, you !
    Thats under all canon.
    That's a nice train from you!
    I think you have not more all cups in your locker!
    Rip you together, my friend!
    Shareholder [ Maulwurffalle ]
    My lovely Mister singing club!!
    this group is funny,i think i break together
    Shit you nothing than lacks you nothing
    Girl, you got much wood before the cottage!
    Wood-Eye Be Careful
    The Motive Holies The Middle
    Take Yourself In Eight
    How you me, so I you and now make the fly
    On the old bikes learn man drive
    Ok, I rent me drum!
    Now we have the salad!
    Clean...There lay you down!
    I go me now browsen
    There are laughing yes the chickens!
    I'd rather bang myself with the face on the tablecorner!
    Always with the silence
    That goes me on the scrotum
    Do you speak english? - Yes a paar broken!

    Anyhow Questions? No? Ok, then let´s got after home!

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